On the grade up 97 south from Biggs and China Creek above Rufus are where Wascoite and some nice tube agate were found. Wascoite is generaly thought of as a picture jasper. Formed in concentric, irregular circles with shades of tan, lavender, yellow, pink, and red. There was also a brown & white veriety, referred to as a bedded jasper from the Wasco, Oregon area. Although I would clasify this type as a Jasper Agate. This area seemed to have a mix of materials. I consider allot of the red and pink veriety to be more of a comon opal, rather then Jasper. Yet There are some pretty famous Picture Jasper slabs that have been cut from Wascoite. 


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Oregon Wascoite Silver Pendant

This pendant is 81x26mm (3.2" x 1.02")Chain not included.