Variquoise which seems to be a cross between turquoise and variscite generally shows just a hint of blue making it a little less green than typical variscite. Variquoise may also be a little harder than varisite. Turquoise is 5-6 in hardness and variscite is only 4. The Nevada material does seem to be more stable than the regular Utah variscite. Variscite is found in both Nevada and Utah. But most of the material being called Variquoise seems to be coming from Nevada. The material we have came from Lander County near Battle Mountain.

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Nevada Variquoise sterling pendant Navajo made.

This pendant is 44x23mm (1.75" x .92") Chain not included

Varaquoise Oval Sterling Pendant

This pendant is 33x22mm (1.32" x .86") Chain nor included.

Variquoise Silver Pendant

This is a large stone 32x26mm (1.26" x 1.02") There is some undercutting in the brown matrix but overall this is a nice solid stone. Chain not included.

Native Made Variquoise,Turquoise & Created Opal Silver Pendant

This pendant is 2" tall and 1" wide.