Minerals (C, D, E)

Rare mineral specimens who's names Begin with the letters C, D, E

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Chrysocolla & Malachite with Druzy Quartz

This Specimen is 5.5" Tall, 8" Wide and 6" Thick.

Amethyst & Calcite Mineral Specimen Uruguay

This Specimen is a flat triangle shape it is 5"x4" and 2.5" Tall

Rare Mineral Specimen Cobaltocalcite from Morocco

This Specimen is 2.5" Tall, 3.5" Wide and 2.5" Thick.

Duftite & Tenorite Mineral Specimen Mexico

This specimen is 1.5" Tall, 2.75" Wide and 1.5" Thick

Rare Mineral Specimen Celestite Geode Madagascar

This Specimen is 3.5" Tall, 5.5" Wide and 2.75" Thick.

Hexagonal Epidote Crystals Pakistan

This specimen is 3.5" Tall, 4.5" Wide and 3" Thick