Graveyard Point Plume Agate Cabochon

This is a 38x25mm cabochon of regular Graveyard Point Plume Agate. This stone has some pretty pyrite in it, The pyrite causes some slight undercutting on the face of the stone. But is a nice feature of the over all stone.
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Graveyard Point Plume agate comes from the Owyhee mountain area, situated on the Idaho, Oregon border. Along US 95 just south of Homedale Idaho. The colors range from a creamy white to yellow, pinks, reds, and different shades of blue. Iron pyrite can add a nice touch of sparkle. Along with inclusions of browns and blacks from other minerals. Also from this area is the Regency Rose variety. The Regency Rose mine is located within the Graveyard Point area and was mined in the 1970's by Teepee Rock Shop in Marsing, Idaho. The Gem Shop claimed the area in 1996. Regency Rose Plume is known for colorful plumes of yellow, gold, red, orange, pink, and white in clear or bluish agate.