Wyoming Turitella Agate Pendant Earrings Ring & Bracelet

The Stones in this set were cut from the same slab. So they match very well. To give an idea of the size of this set the bracelet center stone is 45x22mm (1.78" x.88") The side stones are 27x15mm (1" x.61")The stones in the earrings, pendant & ring are just a little smaller than the side stones.
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Turritella Agate is a brownish translucent agate embedded with fossilized snail shells. The snail shells are tan to white and contrast nicely with the brown agate. The shells in this material were originally thought to be a saltwater snail of the Turritella family. When in fact they are the freshwater snail Elimia tenera. For decades this material from Wyoming has been known as Turritella and will probably remain so.