Turquoise American

Some of the worlds highest quality tourquoise has come from the Southwest region of the United States: New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. Good Turquoise has also been found in Texas, Colorado, Montana and California. Some of the old Southwest mines were Lander, Lone Mountain, Red Mountain, Morenci, Bisbee, Sleeping Beauty, Old #8, Tyrone, Fox, Royston, and kingman.

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Green Harcross Turquoise Silver Earrings

These earrings measure 23x18mm (.90"x .68") These earrings are beautiful Nevada Harcross. They were made by the Navajo artist RHODA.

Native made Nevada Blue Spiderweb Sterling Pendant

This pendant is 48mm (1.9") from the top of the 14mm bail and 27mm (1") wide. This pendant is a much deeper blue than this picture.

Native American made Blue Nevada Turquoise Pendant

This pendant is 42mm (1.65") from the top of the 12mm bail and 23mm (.93") wide.

Native American made Blue Nevada Turquoise Earrings

These earrings are 29mm (1.15") long and 12mm (.50") wide.

Navajo made Silver Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Silver Feathers

These earrings are 38mm (1.5") long and 9mm (.35") wide.

Turquoise & Red Coral Collar Tips

These colar tips are a mixture of Nickel & Sterling Silver. The turquoise is natural. These tips are newer so the coral is probably dyed.