Minerals (A & B)

Rare mineral specimens who's names Begin with the letters A & B

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Albite Feldspar W/Shorl & Muscovite Rare Mineral Specimen

This Specimen is 3.75" Tall 4.5" Wide 2.25" Thick

Apatite Crystal on pink calcite & hematite

This is a small specimen with a large double terminated Apatite crystal. The specimen is 2" Tall 3.8" wide and 1.6" thick. The Apatite Crystal is 2" long and .79" square

Quartz, Albite Feldspar, Shorl & Lepidolite Micca

This is a rather Large Specimen 6"Tall 7"Wide and 4"Deep The quartz Crystal is 3.5" Tall @.5" Wide and 1.75" Thick. with a full termination.

Azurite & Malachite Rare Mineral Specimen China

This specimen is 3.5" Tall, 7" Long and 2.5" Thick

Tabular Amethyst Africa

This specimen is 3.75" Tall, 4.5" wide and 3" Thick.

Aquamarine Crystals on Muscovite Mica from China

This specimen is 2" Tall and 1.75" Wide The 2 main Aquamarine crystals are about 3/4" There are 2 tabular Crystals stacked on top of one another.