Minerals (A & B)

Rare mineral specimens who's names Begin with the letters A & B

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Aquamarine Crystal with Cleavelandite, Mica & Black Schoral

This Specimen is 2" x 1.9" The Aquamarine Crystal is 2" Tall 1" Wide and .9"thick.

Amethyst & CALCITE Rare Mineral Specimen

This is a larger specimen. It measures 6" Tall 7" Wide and 2" to 2.5" thick.

Albite Feldspar W/Shorl & Muscovite Rare Mineral Specimen

This Specimen is 3.75" Tall 4.5" Wide 2.25" Thick

Apatite Crystal on pink calcite & hematite

This is a small specimen with a large double terminated Apatite crystal. The specimen is 2" Tall 3.8" wide and 1.6" thick. The Apatite Crystal is 2" long and .79" square

Quartz, Albite Feldspar, Shorl & Lepidolite Micca

This is a rather Large Specimen 6"Tall 7"Wide and 4"Deep The quartz Crystal is 3.5" Tall @.5" Wide and 1.75" Thick. with a full termination.

Azurite & Malachite Rare Mineral Specimen China

This specimen is 3.5" Tall, 7" Long and 2.5" Thick