Minerals (R, S, T)

Rare mineral specimens who's names Begin with the letters R, S, T

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Green Tourmaline in Quartz, Brazil

The tourmaline crystals are apx. 4mm x 20+mm

Sphalerite, Mineral Specimen from Mexico

This specimen is 3.5 x 3"

Fluorapophyllite & the Zeolite Stilbite, India

This Specimen is 4.75" wide 3" thick and 2.75"tall

Green Tourmaline Crystal in Quartz

This specimen is 2.5" Square and a little over 1" thick the tourmaline crystal is 1.35" x .5"

Tourmaline and Quartz Brazil

This Specimen is 4" Tall 3" Wide and 2.5" Thick

Fluorapophyllite & the Zeolites Natrolite & Stilbite, India

This specimen is 2.5" Tall, 3.5" Wide and 2.5" Thick