Australian Mookaite Jasper Silver Pendant

This Pendant is 30 x 26mm (1.20" x 1.03") Chain not included.
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Mookaite, found in outcroppings around Mooka Creek. In The Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne Junction in Western Australia. Is a mixture of jasper like chalcedony and opalite. The harder chalcedony variety is most desirable for gemstones. Mookaite jasper is found in many shades of mauve, red, yellow, tan and white. These colors create scenes reminiscent of the Desert Southwest or the Outback of Australia. Sometimes Mookaite jasper will contain black dendrites giving it even more of a desert look. These are rare and command higher prices. This Pendant is 30 x 26mm (1.20" x 1.03") Chain not included.